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                                            East Chatham Fire Company       
                                           14 Frisbee St.         
                                       East  Chatham, NY 

   Congratulations to Graduating
     2021 Chatham Seniors! and

           to our own Christianna Gearing,
         Emma Crosby and Graham  Newton


 A Recent Driver Training and Pump Operations Drill





                                            2019 Fair Parade Photos


Firefighters have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos in older structures on fire as well as carrying asbestos on their clothes.

The Hidden Risk Firefighters Face

It’s no secret that firefighters put themselves in dangerous environments with poor air quality. Firefighters are at risk of inhaling a plethora of dangerous toxins, including asbestos. Although not the most immediate danger in the face of a fire, asbestos exposure should not be overlooked. Learn more about the risks of asbestos exposure in our free Mesothelioma Guide.




"On behalf of the community and the East
Chatham Fire Company it is with deep sadness and sorrow to report that after 10 years of bravery and service that Director and Lieutenant Rick Newton has completed his last and fi
nal call. He is now at rest but will continue to watch over his family, his friends and his fellow firefighters.

East Chatham Fire Company Lt. Rick Newton you are now clear from your duties, go rest in peace and know that you will be forever in our hearts.    

We’ll take it from here."

Firehouse with new addition




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The East Chatham Volunteer Fire Company Inc., has been designated a 501, c, 3, charitable organization by the IRS.
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